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Welcome to Grace Healing Group

Support. Learn. Grow.

Grace Healing Group is dedicated to providing a supportive, enriching community to our healers as well as quality energy healing to our nurses.

Our Community

We’re an online organization that was created during the pandemic. Our mission then was to bring healing energy to front-line nurses and hospital staff as they worked tirelessly to help save lives. Enduring long hours and separation from loved ones, the medical community gave everything to others with very little thought to themselves. Our Clinic filled a very important and very unmet need – taking care of the caretakers. Nurses signed up for remote sessions and our Reiki practitioners met on Zoom to send energy.

It’s 2023 now, and we’re still going strong. Since then we have grown to include healers from out of state and incorporated other modalities besides Reiki. Our calling has evolved as well. We became inspired to use our fledgling community to benefit not only the nurses, but the healers themselves.

We are dedicated to providing this incredible group of talented healers with what they need to make an impact on the world. This website gives a little glimpse into our story. We take care of the caretakers.

Be A Part Of Healing Globally​

Our mission is to provide healers with a compassionate, empowering community, and the means to share their gifts with the world. By connecting healers to hospital staff seeking energy healing, and by providing the technological platforms for distant healing sessions, the clinic frees up its community members to focus on the thing they love the most – sending healing energy to those in need.

Our Partners

Collaborating for Greater Wellness

At Grace Healing Group, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance the wellness journey. Our partners are essential in helping us provide comprehensive services and expand our reach. Together, we work to create a more holistic approach to health and well-being.

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